Our fees are explained in the document which you can be found in the below link.

All junior registrations have increased between $5-$10 which has been the increase from CCF and their affiliations (FNSW and FA), Don’t forget your 2024 Active Kids Voucher which will also remove a further $50 off your registration fees, if you are applicable.

Our fees will include the following in 2024:

A $15.00 ‘Fund-Raising Levy’ (FRL) – to ensure fairness within the club, due to lack of support NO MORE SELLING CHOCOLATES, RAFFLE TICKETS, WORKING IN CANTEEN ETC Over the years, we have tried many great ideas for fund-raising, and all have failed to reach the expected mark accounted for in the budget, only putting additional pressure on the committee to make ends meet.

A $15.00 ‘Paid Role Levy’ (PRL) The lack of volunteers is always an ongoing concern, and it has been especially obvious that a change was required. For 2024, the committee has decided to continue with a ‘Paid Position Levy’ to assist with the payment of some essential paid roles in the club. These roles are NOT committee roles.

Registration opens on the 9th January 2024