Please make sure you read what is inclusive, as other registration fees may be cheaper but you will pay the extra’s throughout the year and will end up more expensive.

Things like no fundraising, no selling chocolates, no working in canteen and if you do you will be paid for your service, this is only some of your benefits.

Remember to redeem your Kids Active voucher before you register on “PlayFootball”.

Links to how to claim and information on the program:
How to Claim:
Active Kids Program (Recipients Guide):
Services NSW Website:

Registration Fees
All Fees displayed below are with the use of an “Active Kids Voucher”
All fees are an all-inclusive fee
Except for Senior fees as their referee fees are invoiced monthly,
No more fees to pay (read the full inclusion list in the below link document)

Under 5’s to 7’s$ 155.00
Under 8′ to 9’s$ 170.00
Under 10’s to 11’s$ 185.00
Under 12’s to 18’s$ 225.00
Seniors$ 375.00
Shorts$ 28.00
Socks$ 12.00