Dear Players, Coaches & Managers,

With the Winter 2019 season well underway,  we would like to remind
Players, Coaches & Managers of their responsibilities:

ID Photos:          
As per the 2019 Rules and Regulations, it is mandatory for all players 8 years or older, (as well as coaches and managers) to have an appropriate passport style ID photo. CCF has issued a moratorium for the start of the season, however, Players, Coaches & Managers are advised that from Friday 10th May, any player who does NOT have an appropriate ID photo will be ineligible to take the field.

2.2.11 Registration Photos

a. It is mandatory for all new players 8 years of age or older to upload a photo at the time of registering.

b. Player Registrations are not valid without a correct passport style photograph.

c. A Registration photo must be clear and the player must be easily identified.

d. The photo should be a passport style image of the head only. Hats and sunglasses should not be worn in the photo. e. CCF may reject any inappropriate photos and decline subsequent registrations.

f. All Electronic match sheets will display photos of registered players. If a valid photo is not on the Match sheet the player is ineligible to play

g. Junior player photos must be updated every two (2) years up until the age of 18.

h. Senior photos must be updated every five (5) years. i. Player registrations are not valid without a correct passport style photograph

Where to go to update
Head to playfootball log into your account select the profile and update the photo.