Matchsheets:    CCF intends to change the match sheet lock to 10 minutes before kick-off, in line with the competition rules in 3 weeks time, so please ensure that coaches and managers are aware they must COMPLETE the match sheet. Incorrect details recorded on iMatchSheets (ie: shirt numbers etc) will not be accepted as mistakes and will result in a breach.

2.4.15 Team Sheets
a. It is compulsory for all clubs are to use the nominated online team sheet program for all official fixtures.

  1. Online team sheets are to be completed by the Coach or Manager at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time.
  2. The Ground Official is to check that the team sheet has been completed and that any referee fees have been collected at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the commencement of the match.
  3. Team sheets will be authorized by the referee immediately prior to taking the field for kick off. No further changes can be made to the team sheet after this point.
  4. Any player from a lower division substituting is to be selected from the drop down list on the team sheet. CCF Rules & Regulations Page 25 of 38
  5. Team sheets should contain full names and registration numbers of all players taking part in or expected to take part in the match (including the names of nominated substitutes). Applicable shirt numbers are to be listed against each player. All players will be automatically be ticked as taking part in the match. Any player who is not taking part in the match must be de-selected from the team sheet.

Official Table:   While the new iMatchsheet process can be completed prior to arriving at the ground, clubs are still required to have an official table and the ground official is required to ensure that both HOME and AWAY clubs have “Completed” their iMatchsheet prior to kick off.